These general conditions of access and use of the Club apply to all the content of the site, to the relations between the members and the Club and between the members themselves; special conditions may apply in addition for certain products or services and appear in their presentation on our site.

ARTICLE 1: Identity and contact details of the Club operator

Excellence Club Ambassadors is a private business club organised globally by a pool of companies:

  • UAP – Ultimate Affiliate Program Ltd, 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU, United Kingdom, Company number: 11617914,, +33 972 103 102
  • GEO MUNDO Unipessoal Lda, Rua Antonio Varela Pinto 2, 1 Esq, Sala A 3100-491 Pombal, Portugal, Tax Identification Number: 517116170,
  • UAP – Ultimate Affiliate Program Ltd, Oceanic House, Providence Estate, PO Box No.6038, Mahé, Seychelles, Company number: 189115,
  • DOKOA SARL, BP 14629 Yaoundé, Cameroon, NIU: M112217753898J, Trade Register n° RC/YAO/2022/B/2016, exclusive agente in Cameroon and Central Africa

ARTICLE 2: Main features of Club membership

  • Membership of the private business club “EXCELLENCE CLUB AMBASSADORS ECA-N” allows you, within the framework of its “Services Packs”, to receive commercial offers, to receive bonuses financed by the lucrative activities of the Club, to benefit from professional networking, online advertising and information on financial management, web-marketing and blockchain technologies; as well as to have access to specialised online conferences and to our international conventions and seminars.
  • Club members can be either individuals or companies; they must respect the rules of ethics, probity and mutual respect.
  • To be a member, you must have subscribed to at least one “Services Pack”. Each Services Pack subscribed to requires the payment of a 100% refundable deposit of €1,000 or CFA F655,970.

❖ Subscribing to a Services Pack entitles you to:
– A ‘member’s area’ with an internal wallet in euros, the balance of which is freely transferable, either to any external account held by the member, or to the internal wallet of another Club member.
– An exclusive monthly email newsletter
– A library of articles on financial management, blockchain technologies and promotional offers
– Discounts or rebates from our business partners
– A bonus in € each month calculated on the amount of the deposit in (€ 1,000) of your Services Pack

❖ You are entitled to additional benefits and services if you subscribe to more than one Services Pack and according to their number:
– A bonus each month calculated on the total amount of deposits of the Services Packs you have subscribed to
– Your company listed on the homepage
– Access to the annual business convention
– A Business Corporate Card
– Your product or service listed on the shop
– Credit on advisory and management services
– Your editorial article published on the blog
– Access to specialist conferences
– An annual bonus
– Access to the annual seminar

ARTICLE 3: Availability of Services Packs, products and services

❖ The limited number of Services Packs available for subscription is indicated on our website as “in stock”. Products and services may be offered to members on the website. In order to meet our members’ expectations, the availability of our Service Packs, products and services is regularly updated on our website.

❖ If you have subscribed to a Services Pack or ordered a product or service that becomes unavailable after your order has been confirmed, you will be informed immediately. We will proceed to cancel your payment. If the amount has already been debited, you will be refunded immediately.

ARTICLE 4: Subscriptions and orders

❖ You can only subscribe to our Services Packs via our website
To subscribe to a Services Pack(s) or order products or services on our website:
– Choose the number of Services Packs you want to subscribe to and add them to the cart.
– Validate the contents of your cart.
– Click on “ORDER” to pre-validate your subscription.
– If you already have a member account on our website, please login.
– If you don’t have one, please create one; similarly, if you are already an individual member and wish to subscribe in the name of your company, please create a member account for your company first, or transform your individual account into a company account by adding its name and supporting document.
– As ECA-N is a private club, please indicate the Club member who invites you to join [the Club reserves the right not to accept an application].
– Upload the required identification documents.
– Choose your payment method and tick the box “I have read and accept the terms and conditions of the site”.
– Click on “PLACE ORDER” for validation.
– You will receive an email confirming your subscription to the email address you provided when you created your member area.
– Check the details and the total amount of your subscription.
Correct any errors by contacting us at or +33 972 103 102 [Monday to Friday 9am to 1pm and 3pm to 7pm Paris time] before making your payment.
– Make your payment, without forgetting the fees if you use a bank transfer.
– The validation of your subscription will only take place once the full amount has been received.

ATTENTION For security and liability reasons:
The Member NAME declared when creating your Member account and supported by the uploaded documents must be IDENTICAL to the name of the bank account holder issuing transfers to the Club or receiving a transfer from your internal Club wallet.

ARTICLE 5: Payment deadline for subscriptions & right to 1st bonus

❖ Only Services Packs active on the 25th of the month are entitled to a bonus for the following month.

The payment of your Services Pack subscription(s) must be fully cashed by the Club by the 25th of the current month at the latest in order to start receiving your monthly bonus between the 10th and the 15th of each month starting from the 2nd month following the validation date of your subscription(s).

❖ Example: If your Services Pack deposit is received on March 23rd, you will receive your first (April) bonus between May 10th and 15th.

Please note that some bank transfers may be temporarily blocked by banks under international regulations, which can take up to 28 days.

ARTICLE 6: Terms and conditions for deposits and payments for purchases

Several payment methods are accepted. As a member, you have the possibility to use:
– Crypto-currencies [no additional fee]
– Bank transfer [+ 1% fee]
– Payeer [+ 2% fee]
– Balance of your internal wallet [no extra charge]

ARTICLE 7: 100% money back guarantee & security of funds

❖ You are guaranteed a 100% refund of the subscription deposits for your Services Pack(s).
Our Club is committed to holding at least 140% of the value of all active Services Packs.

❖ Our reserve funds are stored and secured by Ledger Enterprise in offline, multi-signature cryptographic wallets.

❖ Our reserve funds are insured against cybercrime by Arch insurance (UK) of the prestigious Lloyd’s syndicate.

ARTICLE 8: Conditions and deadlines for reimbursement

❖ You are entitled to an unconditional 100% refund of the subscription deposit(s) for your Services Pack(s) after a minimum commitment period of 3 months.

You may request a refund of the deposit for one or more Services Packs once the 3 month period has elapsed after each subscription.

The Services Pack(s) concerned will immediately lapse on the date of receipt of your request and will no longer confer any rights, including any bonus for the following month.

The refund will be made directly to your internal member’s wallet within 40 days of receipt of your request which should be made by email to

On the date you cease to be a subscriber to at least one Services Pack, you lose your membership and you have 60 days to transfer the balance of your internal wallet to an external account in your name.

We reserve the right to terminate a membership at any time and without cause by refunding to the member concerned from their internal wallet all deposits made in respect of their active Services Packs subscriptions.

ARTICLE 9: Co-holder(s), Succession, Disuse

❖ Optionally, you can designate a co-holder of your member account by filling in the form available in your member area; in this case you will be the main holder.

❖ You can also designate one or more successors by filling in the form available in your member area. In the event of death, your successor(s) must make themselves known within one year.

❖ In the event of inactivity on your part, as evidenced by the fact that you have not used your member area for a period of 3 consecutive years, your Services Pack(s) will be deemed to have lapsed and all related rights will be extinguished.

ARTICLE 10: Intellectual Property and Copyright

All concepts, information, articles, comments, images, illustrations, testimonials, opinions, videos, etc. on our site are the property of Ultimate Affiliate Program Ltd, which reserves the exclusive right to use them. Without prior written authorisation, any reproduction of our site, in part or in whole, by any means, is strictly forbidden. Any other use than private use by our members is prohibited.

ARTICLE 11: Complaints & Liability

All complaints should be sent by e-mail to or by telephone to +33 972 103 102. We take great care in the execution of our obligations, however our contractual responsibility cannot be engaged in the event of force majeure or the occurrence of an extraneous event which cannot be attributed to us. The information, articles, comments, images, illustrations, testimonies, opinions, videos, etc. on our site are not contractually binding and do not engage our responsibility.

ARTICLE 12: Jurisdiction and applicable law

In the event of any dispute arising in connection with the performance of this agreement and not resolved by arbitration, the court of jurisdiction shall be that of the registered office of Ultimate Affiliate Program Ltd at 20-22 Wenlock Road, London N1 7GU, United Kingdom, and the applicable law shall be that of the United Kingdom.

ARTICLE 13: « KYC » « AML » & Personal Data Protection

❖ To collectively protect all our members, as well as our Club and its operating companies, we apply the European Union directives on the prevention of money laundering and the financing of terrorist and criminal activities. Consequently, a KYC (know your customer) and AML (anti-money laundering) procedure is systematically applied.

❖ We protect your data in accordance with the “GDPR”: Only those persons authorised internally for management purposes have access to it and we do not pass it on to any other external service or organisation, with the sole possible exception of the requirements of the banking regulations which may be opposed to us. Your data is kept only for as long as you are a member and for 3 years thereafter. You can exercise your rights to this data at any time (access, rectification, deletion, limitation of processing, portability) by sending an e-mail to

ARTICLE 14: Application and modification of the General Conditions

❖ The member declares that he/she has read and accepted, prior to any subscription, the general terms and conditions in application and, where applicable, the special terms and conditions in application for the product or service ordered.

❖ The member declares that he/she fulfils the obligations incumbent on him/her in his/her country of tax residence.

❖ The validation of your subscription implies acceptance of our general and special terms and conditions of sale.

❖ We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions, in which case members will be notified by our monthly newsletter with tacit acceptance by the member.

If the member does not accept the new general terms and conditions of the Club, he/she is obliged to request the refund of the deposits of all his/her Services Packs within one month after the date of the notification newsletter.

Any valid ECA-N & UAP document is the one with the most recent update date (UPD 01.05.2023).


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