How much does a Services Pack cost?

The amount of the Services Pack is 1 000 €, each member can have several Services Packs. (1 000 €, 7 000 €, 18 000 €, 42 000 €…)

When should I pay my Services Pack? When will I receive my monthly bonus?

The payment of your Services Pack(s) must be cashed in no later than the 25th of the current month to start receiving your monthly bonus between the 10th and 15th of each month starting the 2nd month following the validation date of your Services Pack(s).
Example: If you pay your Services Pack on March 23rd, you will receive your first bonus between May 10th and May 15th.
Please note that some bank transfers may be temporarily blocked by banks under international regulations, which can take up to 28 days.

What is my guarantee? (only on Services Packs)

100% money back guarantee, after a minimum period of 3 months commitment. Refund made within 40 days after the request.

What is the monthly bonus amount?

The monthly bonus amount is variable.
Example: If the amount of your Services Packs is 40 000 € and the bonus of the month is 0.17%, you receive 68 €.

How long are the withdrawal requests paid? Is there a transaction fee?

Withdrawal requests are validated within 5 business days and there are no transaction fees.
Some transfers may be temporarily blocked by banks under international regulations, which may take up to 28 days.

My wallet balance is not enough for pay a Services Pack, what should I do?

You have 2 options:
1) Place your order, after having selected your payment method, you will see a box “Wallet payment” then check for your wallet balance is deducted from the total amount to pay.
2) Load the wallet balance, by going to “My Wallet” and clicking on “Wallet Topup”. You will then be able to pay your Services Pack in full with your wallet balance.

Is ECA-N accredited by one or more financial market organizations?

– ECA-N is not a financial company but a commercial company.
– Purchases made on the site fall into the category of products and services.

What are the fees applied to the various payment methods?

– Wallet balance = 0%
– Cryptocurrency = 0%
– Bank Transfer = 1%
– Payeer = 2%

How to be paid?

– Bitcoin
– Payeer
– Bank transfer

How to get cryptocurrency?

Step 1 – go to Coinbase and sign up for an account – be sure to use a very unique and strong password.

Step 2 – verify your account
An email will be sent to your email address with a button link to click to verify your account. Click the button to verify your account

Step 3 – complete your profile
After you have verified your email, complete your profile by clicking next and adding in all relevant information.

Go ahead and fill out your details and follow the prompts.
Once you have put all your information in, you will then be able to buy your bitcoin, bitcoin cash, ethereum or litecoin!
Once you have bought your cryptos – it will automatically be stored in your wallet on Coinbase.

You can either choose to leave it there or move to a different wallet.
There are a huge variety of crypto wallets that can be used.


Once you have purchased your cryptocurrencies, they can take some time to appear in your wallet – once they clear you can send them to any other wallet of your choosing.

How to register?




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